5 Reasons Your Office Needs A Dog

Can you imagine sitting at your desk, stressed out beyond belief, when suddenly a wet dog nose paws at your side? Now this may already be a reality for those of you who work with dogs, but for others, it’s a dream come true. (Listen, you can only make watching a live puppy cam online feel so real.)

It always seems like such a pain to have to leave your dog at home every morning as you do your usual trip to the office. Separation anxiety is a thing … and not just for dogs. So what if you could pack your dog up every morning and bring him with you to the office? How much relief would you feel?

There are offices around the world that are starting to let dogs join their humans around the office due to the fact that with a pup comes several beneficial side effects to the people in its company.

1.) Dogs Affect Stress Levels

A Virginia Commonwealth University study done in 2012 proved that people who spent more time around dogs were less stressed. It’s a reason behind the popularity and success with service dogs. The less stressed an employee, the more efficient her work is. Having a dog around has also been shown to mitigate heart disease and, in several cases, diabetes.

2.) Reduce Employees Skipping Work

Along with the benefits of a less stressed environment, comes the idea that employees, when not mentally distressed, will have enhanced immunity, more focus, and less anxiety. These factors contribute to employees taking fewer “sick” or “mental health” days. Puptastic!

3.) Workplace Communication 

Dogs are definitely a reason to strengthen workplace relationships. In fact, several studies in retail offices have shown that having dogs in the office has increased communication some 90%. There are employees who have said that without a dog in the office they did not have a reason to get to know their co-workers, but with a dog in the office they would leave knowing not only their names but the names of their dogs as well. You know what they say, an office is a team … and how can a team function if teammates do not know one another?

4.) Improved Morale 

Dogs, while also being a great stress reliever, are also known to be silent cheerleaders. Employees can find solace in a pup that won’t get mad at their smallest mistakes. It’s also been noted that speaking to a dog can help folks work through problems that before seemed unsolvable. Dogs help aid in the building of confidence and self-esteem, which can be two of the biggest absences that employees in a closed office face on a day-to-day basis.

5.) Overall Work-Life Balance 

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