8 Dogs That Look Like Famous People

Wait a second, that dog looks familiar! Have you ever looked at a dog and had to do a double-take? In an internet trend that has lasted through the ages, people and dogs can look stunningly similar. In fact, there have been studies that show just how much people can look like their pups … and that for some reason, the similarity rests solely in the eyes.

But what happens when you have a pet that looks like someone else? Someone who happens to be famous?

Well then, you’ve got yourself an internet sensation on your hands.

Check out these pups and their famous doppelgängers!

1.) Samuel L. Jackson 

2.) Julia Roberts

3.) John Travolta 

4.) Lady Gaga 

5.) Harrison Ford 

6.) Kristen Stewart 

7.) Peyton Manning

8.) Ron Perlman 

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